So, I did it. I hit publish on a pre-order of Burning Caine. It’s no big deal, I mean it’s early September and the book still needs to go through copyedits. The pre-order is until January. I just needed to get it up there so I could sign up with promo sites that don’t believe you’re actually an author until you have something for sale somewhere.

No. Big. Deal.

I thought I was prepared for it.

Spoiler Alert. . . I wasn’t.

Seeing my book on Amazon. Seeing my NAME on Amazon. Having an AUTHOR ACCOUNT!! Holy freaking shirtballs!

I still have work to do! I need to upload photos. I need to write a bio. I need to sign up with those promo sites. New Facebook header. Twitter announcement. Tell my family!

My head is swimming. There’s so much to do!

But I just keep coming back to that page on Amazon.

For all the imposter syndrome, the agent rejections, the “I love your book, but don’t know how to position it in the crowded romantic suspense genre”. . . it doesn’t matter. Because I did it. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing a book. And now it’s going to be published. People can read it.

They’re happy tears. I swear.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. . . I did win that Vivian award. It’s even on Wikipedia!!!