Book Series

Caine & Ferraro

The Caine and Ferraro series is romantic suspense, following the story of Samantha Caine and Dr. Antonio Ferraro. Set primarily in a small town outside Lansing, Michigan with a thriving Italian community, Sam and Antonio’s adventures also take them to Naples and Rome.

She’s an insurance adjuster who was formerly an FBI Art Crimes recruit. Headstrong, snarky, and unable to relax, her desire to chase down crimes involving cultural heritage is still strong, despite her change in careers.

He’s an art conservator who grew up in Rome and moved to Michigan after obtaining his PhD, to work at his family’s art conservation and restoration business. He’s charming and flirtatious, turning everything into a joke.

Book 1, Burning Caine, follows the start of their relationship. It’s centered around the case of a million-dollar painting, burned in a fatal house fire.

Reynolds Recoveries

The Reynolds Recoveries series is romantic suspense, following a gray hat heist crew that uses extralegal means to return stolen items to their original owners—for a price. Each book centers on a different member of the Reynolds team and can be read as an action-packed standalone romance.

The company was founded by Evelyn Reynolds, the matriarch of both the family and the business. Evelyn’s three children play prominently in the company, including Scarlett as heist crew lead, Emmett as second-in-command, and Brie as the tech genius.

Other members of the Reynolds team will have their turns, including their safe cracker, munitions expert, cat burglar, and their head of security.

The series kicks off with a prequel novella (free for newsletter subscribers), starring Zac Fraser, their getaway driver.

Reaper’s Grace

The Reaper’s Grace series is a paranormal romance with mystery elements. In these stories, humans are unaware of the paranormal creatures moving about them, including Reapers (those who usher the souls of the recently departed to the afterlife), Furies (those who help mete out divine justice), and the angels they work for.

Book 1, The Reaper’s Gambit, is set in New York City and follows Grim Reaper Ellis, who takes a two-week mortal holiday. Instead of reaping Danielle’s soul just before his vacation, he grants her two extra weeks. His goal is to redeem her soul so she’s not sent to Hell. But Danielle’s got other plans for her extension.

Future books will branch out to other characters, but also return to Danielle and Ellis’s story.