Caine & Ferraro

The Caine and Ferraro series is romantic suspense, following the story of Samantha Caine and Dr. Antonio Ferraro. Set primarily in a small town outside Lansing, Michigan with a thriving Italian community, Sam and Antonio’s adventures also take them to Naples and Rome.


She’s an insurance adjuster who was formerly an FBI Art Crimes recruit. Headstrong, snarky, and unable to relax, her desire to chase down crimes involving cultural heritage is still strong, despite her change in careers.


He’s an art conservator who grew up in Rome and moved to Michigan after obtaining his PhD, to work at his family’s art conservation and restoration business. He’s charming and flirtatious, turning everything into a joke.


Book 1, Burning Caine, follows the start of their relationship. It’s centered around the case of a million-dollar painting, burned in a fatal house fire.



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Burning Caine book

Burning Caine (Book 1)

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There’s a truth smoldering behind all the lies. And it’s about to ignite…

Samantha Caine

I used to be a rising star in the FBI’s Art Crimes unit. Now I’m stuck in my tiny Michigan hometown, working as a bored-out-of-my-skull insurance adjuster. Until, finally, an assignment that’s right up my alley—a claim for a million-dollar painting damaged in a fatal house fire.

From the get-go, something’s not adding up. The police are blowing it off. My boss is dropping broad hints that he wants the case wrapped up ASAP. Worse, I’m paired up with a contractor who’s the kind of dark-haired, chisel-faced, Italian-accented distraction I don’t need.

Antonio Ferraro, Ph.D.

The first time I spot Samantha, there’s something hauntingly familiar about her striking jade green eyes. The second time our paths cross, I remember where I’ve seen those eyes before. So when we’re thrown together to discover the truth behind the charred remains of the canvas, I begin to believe our attraction is something more than mere chance.

It doesn’t take long to figure out Samantha’s a professional lie detector. And as the pressure to close the claim mounts, I can only hope the secrets she uncovers won’t include my own…

This award-winning romantic suspense contains secrets, danger, and slow-burning passions. It is the first of a series but can be read as a standalone.

Winner: Romance Writers of America 2021 Vivian Award for Most Anticipated Romance.

Chasing Caine book and phone

Chasing Caine

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A romantic Italian vacation. A missing fresco. And a dangerous antiquities thief.

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Samantha Caine

Ten days in Naples with Antonio should be the vacation of a lifetime. But an invite to join my former FBI mentor on a case in Rome has me torn: Sexy new boyfriend versus my childhood dream of investigating art crimes.

When Antonio and I discover several ancient relics and critical equipment have been stolen from his worksite in Pompeii, it’s my opportunity to have both—if I can just convince him to work with me.

Antonio Ferraro, Ph.D.

After this vacation, Samantha and I will be on separate continents for four months. I want to focus on building our relationship, but her overwhelming need to find the missing antiquities makes me doubt her commitment. Despite my reservations, I agree to help her track them down.

We’ve got ten days and a city full of suspects, including a member of my family I can’t tell her about. Every step brings us closer to the thief. I fear it also brings us closer to a showdown which risks not just our future together—but her life.

Secrets, obsessions, and family loyalties collide in this romantic suspense mystery.

Chasing Caine is the second installment in the Caine & Ferraro series, featuring a strong heroine, an Italian love interest, and an art-world mystery in every book. The main couple is together from book one, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

Disarming Caine book and phone

Disarming Caine

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A mysterious painting. A madman with a gun. And a Christmas that Samantha and Antonio won’t soon forget.

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Samantha Caine

All I need is to get through the holidays, then Antonio will finally be home from Naples. So when a friend brings a suspicious painting to my attention, I’m happy for a distraction.

Not as happy about the attempt on my friend’s life just after she tells me.

Then to make matters worse, Antonio’s contract in Italy is extended by another four months.

Antonio Ferraro, Ph.D.

Desperate to see Samantha again, I surprise her with a last-minute Christmas visit. But our reunion’s cut short by a shooting.

Someone’s after her, and I suspect it’s related to the painting she insists on searching for. Despite the danger, she won’t call her FBI Art Crimes mentor until she’s gathered enough evidence.

I swore to be her partner in all things. But I worry that helping with her investigation puts both of us in the line of fire, instead of keeping her safe.

Love, revenge, and family secrets collide in this action-packed romantic suspense mystery.

Disarming Caine is the third installment in the Caine & Ferraro series, featuring a strong heroine, an Italian love interest, and an art-world mystery in every book. The main couple is together from book one, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

Enduring Caine

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Some scars heal. Others endure. Sam and Antonio come face-to-face with theirs on an unexpected—and deadly—trip to Rome.

Back cover copy coming soon!

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Caine 5

Coming 2023

This book picks up a month after the epilogue in Caine 4.

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Finally reunited after eight months of long distance love, Samantha Caine and Dr. Antonio Ferraro are prepared to put their relationship to the test. Living in the same city. Under the same roof.

On the day Antonio returns, Special Agent Elliot Skinner with the FBI Art Crimes Team shows up on their doorstep. The art smuggling ring he’s been investigating is looking to move a high-value painting and they need a professional to help them disguise it for transport. Given Antonio’s family connections, they’re scouting him for the job.

Antonio agrees to help the FBI by going undercover. But Sam’s the one who’s been trained for this, and she refuses to let him go alone.

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