Caine & Ferraro Series


Romantic Suspense Mysteries

Book 1 in Series


A dead body. A burned masterpiece. And two investigators with nothing but lies—and smoldering chemistry—between them.

Samantha Caine

I used to be a rising star in the FBI’s Art Crimes unit. Now I’m stuck in my tiny Michigan hometown, working as a bored-out-of-my-skull insurance adjuster. Until, finally, an assignment that’s right up my alley—a claim for a million-dollar painting damaged in a fatal house fire.

From the get-go, something’s not adding up. The police are blowing it off. My boss is dropping broad hints that he wants the case wrapped up ASAP. Worse, I’m paired up with a contractor who’s the kind of dark-haired, chisel-faced, Italian-accented distraction I don’t need.

Antonio Ferraro, Ph.D.

I’m drawn to Samantha from the moment I see her, but her sharp tongue and plans to never date again pose a challenge. As does the burned painting, which is little more than strips of blackened canvas. But I’m a man who rarely backs down. I’m sure I can uncover the proof she needs and win her over in the process.

However, it doesn’t take long to figure out Samantha’s a professional lie detector. And as the pressure to close the claim mounts, I can only hope the secrets she uncovers won’t include my own…

Secrets, danger, and slow-burning passions collide in this slow burn romantic suspense mystery.

♥ Romance Writers of America 2021 Vivian Award winner for Most Anticipated Romance. ♥


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