Caine & Ferraro Series


Romantic Suspense Mysteries

Book 4 in Series


A family of smugglers. An undercover mission. And the enduring scars that threaten to tear Samantha and Antonio apart.

Samantha Caine

Antonio and I survived New Year’s. Barely. We’ve earned two quiet weeks together in Naples, but his art smuggling uncle has other plans for us. The moment we set foot on Italian soil, we’re whisked off to visit the pariah of the Ferraro family and held as near-prisoners at his vast estate outside of Rome.

The good part? There’s an undercover operative inside who needs my help. This is the perfect opportunity to show the FBI what I’m made of and secure the consultant position my mentor’s been dangling in front of me.

Antonio Ferraro, PhD

My uncle is a dangerous man in a dangerous business. Despite my warnings, Samantha dives headlong into an investigation that could cost us everything. She’ll surely uncover something and I fear the price we’ll pay for it.

The worst part? There’s a man from Samantha’s past who works at the estate, and she spends too much time with him. It changes her in ways I don’t like. Not only do I have to protect her from my uncle, but I have to keep her heart safe from her former flame.

Broken hearts, divided loyalties, and family secrets collide in this closed circle romantic suspense mystery.


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