Reaper & Fury

The Reaper's Gambit (Book 1)

Grim Reaper Ellis has worked tirelessly for centuries, delivering souls to whichever afterlife their death contract dictates. For all but two misery-laden weeks per century, he’s immune to human emotions. At least, he’s supposed to be. He can’t shake the spark he felt when he met Danielle, the night he reaped her family—or his guilt that she’s alone in the world because of him.


When he receives Danielle’s contract, which declares she’s damned, he refuses to accept the ruling without a fight. He exploits a loophole in Reaper law and starts his two-week vacation, assuming human form and emotions, intent on redeeming her soul.


Danielle has chased every lead about the car crash that killed her parents and brother. No matter how many private investigators she’s hired or how many suspects she’s harassed, she can’t prove it was anything but an accident. When two men break into her house, they provide a clue about the crash, but leave her for dead. Ellis arrives just before she dies, offering two extra weeks of life to change her contract. She accepts but plans to use the time to avenge her family.


Ellis needs to convince Danielle to call off her vendetta and focus on redemption instead. It’s hard for her to abandon her promise to mete out justice, even if the alternative is eternal damnation. But the longer she spends with the charming Reaper, the more she’s torn between their growing feelings for each other and her obsession. He fears they’re too late anyway, and that he’s destined to cast the woman he’s falling for into the fires of Hell.


Winner: Georgia Romance Writers 2021 Prepublished Maggie Award for Paranormal Romance

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