Reynolds Recoveries

The Reynolds Recoveries series is romantic suspense, following a gray hat heist crew that uses extralegal means to return stolen items to their original owners—for a price. Each book centers on a different member of the Reynolds team and can be read as an action-packed standalone romance.


The company was founded by Evelyn Reynolds, the matriarch of both the family and the business. Evelyn’s three children play prominently in the company, including Scarlett as heist crew lead, Emmett as second-in-command, and Brie as the tech genius.


Other members of the Reynolds team will have their turns, including their safe cracker, munitions expert, cat burglar, and their head of security.


The series kicks off with a prequel novella (free for newsletter subscribers), starring Zac Fraser, their getaway driver.


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Burning Caine book

The Phoenix Heist (Prequel)

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An FBI agent, a getaway driver, and the heist that brings them together. Again.

Ashley Bradford, FBI

I always do what’s right. Attend the right schools, work the right jobs, date the right men. Except Zac. The dangerously charming getaway driver was wrong for me in so many ways, and he’s a mistake I won’t repeat.

Until he and his heist crew show up a month before the black market auction I’m investigating. I’m sure they’re in town to steal a medieval English manuscript before it hits that auction block.

The right thing is to confront him. I’m just not sure I can leave it at that.

Zachary Fraser, Reynolds Recoveries

The authorities have been chasing this stolen manuscript for a decade. The rightful owners hired Reynolds Recoveries to return it, even though we’ll bend a few laws to do so.

We have prep to complete before the big job, but once Special Agent Ash Bradford tracks us down, she’s all I can think about. I can deal with the FBI, but she chose them over me three years ago and the sight of her still sends my brain into a tailspin.

When she’s attacked by a rival crew, I can’t leave her behind. Ash is coming with me, whether she likes it or not.

Chasing Caine book and phone

The San Marco Heist

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