Janet Oppedisano


About Me

First, it’s pronounced oh-ped-ih-SAH-no. Exactly the way it’s spelled. Honest!

I hail from Canada’s East Coast and have lived in five provinces, from the Maritimes to the Prairies. Growing up with a Mountie for a father and marrying a Navy diver, it’s no surprise I write romance with a hint of danger and mystery in it.

I began my writing career in grade 8, when I wrote my first serious story for a Creative Writing class. It was a fantasy epic (11 pages was epic at that age) which I turned into a play for my class to present to the rest of the school. Since then, every hobby I’ve picked up has had some element of storytelling in it.

The hobby became something more in 2019, when I completed my first manuscript. Originally intended to be a mystery, the main characters took over and insisted I transform it into a romance. TL;DR:  I complied, and the rest is history (and the result was Burning Caine)! I love a good mystery, but firmly believe every story is improved with a Happily Ever After.

(There’s a blog post with more info about this, if you want to read the longer version)

As such, I write romantic suspense novels, where you’ll always find three key elements:

    • Smart women who excel in their chosen professions, and typically want nothing to do with love
    • Sexy, charismatic men who fall first, fall fast, and who’d do anything for their woman
    • Page-turning suspense, whether that’s mysteries or thrillers

The settings are contemporary (even if there’s a paranormal or supernatural bent), but there’s usually some element of history or cultural heritage. That can be artwork, antiquities, or plot elements that border on mythology/legend.

The relationships in my books are:

    • Usually slow burns
    • Positive and supportive
    • Open-door, medium spice
    • Sometimes angsty
    • But never toxic

And I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to hit the Contact form or reply to any of my emails and let me know what’s going on!

Writing Awards

2nd Place: RWA Kiss of Death’s 2023 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense, Long Category for Disarming Caine

Winner: Romance Writers of America 2021 Vivian Award for Most Anticipated Romance for Burning Caine
Winner: Georgia Romance Writers 2021 Prepublished Maggies for Paranormal Romance for The Reaper’s Gambit
Finalist: Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America 2021 Best Banter Contest for Unpublished Contemporary for Disarming Caine
#RevPit 2020 winner for Burning Caine