Mystery romance

Caine & Ferraro

An epic (and complete) five-book love story, featuring a strong heroine with an FBI past, an Italian art conservator with a dangerous history, and an art-world mystery in every book.

The main couple is together from book one, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

action romance

Reynolds Recoveries

An action-packed romantic suspense series, following a gray hat heist crew that uses extralegal means to return stolen items to their original owners.

Each book centers on a different member of the Reynolds team, including their getaway driver, mastermind, safe cracker, thief, and more!

paranormal romantic suspense

Reaper’s Grace

A paranormal romantic suspense series, featuring smart heroines, powerful heroes, and a forbidden romance between soulmates in every story.

In these stories, humans are unaware of the paranormal creatures moving about them, including Reapers, Furies, and the angels they work for.