The San Marco Heist

Reynolds Recoveries, Book 1

An Enemies to Lovers Heist

When Scarlett plans the recovery of stolen items for the rightful owners, she leaves nothing to chance. Then she runs into Malcolm, freelance PI and her brother’s old friend. His diamond-blue eyes and toe-curling smile almost cause Scarlett to blow it on stealing a priceless manuscript. But when the original thieves kidnap her brother and demand the manuscript in exchange for his life, she’s forced to trust Malcolm to help get her brother back alive.

A man who’s loyal to whoever signs his check—and who’s hiding a devastating secret that could turn her world upside down.


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With her brother’s life on the line, Scarlett will do anything to get him back—even team up with an annoyingly sexy private eye for the heist of a lifetime.

When I plan the recovery of stolen items for their rightful owners, nothing matters more than the safety of my team. I trust no one outside our tight-knit circle. Because a couple years ago I lost my fiancé in a heist gone wrong. My heist. My fault.

But while undercover to take back a near-priceless manuscript, I encounter Malcolm Sharpe, an old friend of my brother’s whose diamond-blue eyes and toe-curling smile almost cause me to blow the heist. We pull it off, beating another team to the prize, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve dodged a bullet.

The other team, though, will stop at nothing to get revenge. That includes kidnapping both Malcolm and my brother—and sending only Malcolm back with a message. They demand my crew steal a medieval relic in exchange for my brother’s life.

And then there’s my brother’s plea to trust Malcolm. Trust a freelance PI whose loyalty ends with a paycheck? Not a chance. But if I’m to get my brother back alive, I need all the help I can get. Even if it’s from a man who’s hiding a secret that could turn my entire world upside down.

The San Marco Heist is the exhilarating first installment in the Reynolds Recoveries romantic suspense series, featuring charismatic heroes, smart heroines, and a thrilling adventure in each novel.

Pages 372
Published July 14, 2023
Publisher Just One Thread Publishing
Formats Ebook, Paperback
Language English
Ebook Filesize 3.1 MB
ISBN Ebook 978-1-7386998-4-1
ISBN Paperback 978-1-7386998-5-8


Genres & Tropes

Genre: Romantic suspense, action/adventure romance, heist thriller

Tropes: Slow burn, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, chosen family

Tags: Heist crew mastermind heroine, it’s not stealing if you’re returning it to the real owner, meet cute at the wrong end of a gun, anything to save her kidnapped brother, hero who refuses to be arm candy despite the heroine’s orders, fake marriage for cover, hero who prefers working alone, fake-out make-out, everything goes wrong before anything can go right, private jet private time, hero who pushes all the heroine’s buttons, all the bickering and banter