Burning Caine

Caine & Ferraro, Book 1

A Slow Burn Romantic Suspense Mystery

When a fire destroys an expensive painting, art claims specialist Samantha and art conservator Antonio are brought on to investigate for fraud. As secrets and deception complicate the case, will Samantha and Antonio’s attraction spark a fiery romance—or leave them both burned?


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A dead body. A burned masterpiece. And two investigators with nothing but lies—and smoldering chemistry—between them.

Samantha Caine

I used to be a rising star in the FBI’s Art Crime Team. Now I’m stuck in my tiny Michigan hometown, working as a bored-out-of-my-skull insurance adjuster. Until, finally, an assignment that’s right up my alley—a claim for a million-dollar painting damaged in a fatal house fire.

From the get-go, something’s not adding up. The police are blowing it off. My boss is dropping broad hints that he wants the case wrapped up ASAP. Worse, I’m paired up with an art conservator who’s the kind of dark-haired, chisel-faced, Italian-accented distraction I don’t need.

Antonio Ferraro, Ph.D.

I’m drawn to Samantha from the moment I see her, but her sharp tongue and plans to never date again pose a challenge. As does the burned painting, which is little more than strips of blackened canvas. But I’m a man who rarely backs down. I’m sure I can uncover the proof she needs and win her over in the process.

However, it doesn’t take long to figure out Samantha’s a professional lie detector. And as the pressure to close the claim mounts, I can only hope the secrets she uncovers won’t include my own…

Secrets, danger, and slow-burning passions collide in this slow burn romantic suspense mystery.

Burning Caine is the first installment in the Caine & Ferraro series, featuring a strong heroine, an Italian love interest, and an art-world mystery in every book. The main couple is together from book one, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

♥ Romance Writers of America 2021 Vivian Award winner for Most Anticipated Romance. ♥

Pages 403
Published January 21, 2022
Publisher Just One Thread Publishing
Formats Ebook, Paperback
Language English
Ebook Filesize 2.8 MB
ISBN Ebook 978-1-7778856-1-8
ISBN Paperback 978-1-7778856-0-1


Genres & Tropes

Romantic suspense (mystery, NOT dark romance)

Slow burn, grumpy sunshine, opposites attract, with a hint of (secret) second chance