Disarming Caine

Caine & Ferraro, Book 3

An Action-Packed Romantic Suspense Mystery

After three months in Italy, Antonio receives news that will keep him away from Samantha for four more months. Desperate to see her again, he books last-minute travel at Christmas and surprises her.

But they’re both haunted by a string of shootings in their small hometown. And with every day that passes, it looks more and more like one of them is the target.


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A mysterious painting. A madman with a gun. And a Christmas Sam and Antonio won’t soon forget.

Samantha Caine

All I need is to get through the holidays, then Antonio will finally be home from Naples. So when a friend brings a suspicious painting to my attention, I’m happy for a distraction.

Not as happy about the attempt on my friend’s life just after she tells me.

Then to make matters worse, Antonio’s contract in Italy is extended by another four months.

Antonio Ferraro, Ph.D.

Desperate to see Samantha again, I surprise her with a last-minute Christmas visit. But our reunion’s cut short by a shooting.

Someone’s after her, and I suspect it’s related to the painting she insists on searching for. Despite the danger, she won’t call her FBI Art Crimes mentor until she’s gathered enough evidence.

I swore to be her partner in all things. But I worry that helping with her investigation puts both of us in the line of fire, instead of keeping her safe.

Love, revenge, and family secrets collide in this action-packed romantic suspense mystery.

Disarming Caine is the third installment in the Caine & Ferraro series, featuring a strong heroine, an Italian love interest, and an art-world mystery in every book. The main couple is together from book one, with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

♥ Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense – Second Place in Long Category ♥

Pages 430
Published July 15, 2022
Publisher Just One Thread Publishing
Formats Ebook, Paperback
Language English
Ebook Filesize 2.3 MB
ISBN Ebook 978-1-7778856-4-9
ISBN Paperback 978-1-7778856-5-6


Genres & Tropes

Romantic suspense (mystery, NOT dark romance)

Slow burn, grumpy sunshine, opposites attract, action & adventure, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and all the holidays